WonderChar Franchise

Franchising in South Africa has grown exponentially. According to 2017 FASA research, South Africa has 845 franchise systems which together contributed R587 billion or 13.3% to the country’s overall GDP. Here is some useful information about franchising and why Superchar is a great choice.

Why Franchise?

"South Africa is an exciting place to do business and you needn’t do it alone. The country of South Africa boasts a dynamic and growing franchising sector, with many opportunities for you to leverage the strength of a strong franchise brand. This article explores some of the reasons why you should consider buying a franchise in South Africa."


WonderChar Franchise

WonderChar franchises are successful, easy to operate and profitable. Technology has paved the way for customers to make bookings easier and less stressful. WonderChar supports our franchisees by providing on-demand admin support as well as innovative marketing to boost and maintain business. A WonderChar franchise is an opportunity to create your own income stream while offering others employment.

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