• Bronwyn Sutcliffe

3 great uses for your bar of Sunlight

Sunlight soap is a South African home staple. Whether you use the liquid or bar of soap, there is no doubting the cleaning power of this great product.

So what are some of the great uses for this versatile product? We're glad you asked! Below are our top 3 uses for your bar of Sunlight that sitting in the cupboard waiting to be used.

  1. Getting rid of stubborn stains: Because of its ability to remove oil and grease, Sunlight is a great companion to get stubborn stains out of clothes. Pre-treat a stain with a good rub of your Sunlight bar and allow to dry before tossing it in the laundry to help to remove/ lighten the stain.

  2. Giving aluminium taps and shower heads a good shine: Are your aluminium taps and shower heads needing a good shine. Grab some steel wool and rub on your green soap bar in a circular motion until you've gathered enough soap. Gently scrub for a few minutes, rise, and wipe away any excess water to enjoy the shine.

  3. Giving our pots an extra shine: Whilst you have the steel wool and soap bar out, why not tackle the stubborn marks on your favourite pots and pans. Simply following the same steps as you would with your taps and shower heads, being sure to not scrub too hard, until your pots and pans are clean and shiny.

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