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Remember to clean frequently touched items

COVID-19 and the measures that have been put in place to reduce its spread has had great impacts on many aspects of our lives. Arguably, we are living in one of the cleanest times in our lives, with hand sanitizing, social distancing, and mask wearing becoming a regular in our lives in order to impact the spread of coronavirus (and other germs and viruses along with it).

With that being said, there are still areas in our homes and offices that remain hot spots for dirt and germs to collect. Below are some of the key high touch places we need to remember to frequently wipe down as part of a regular cleaning routine.

1. Laptop/ computer:

With more people working and learning from home, keeping your laptop/ computer clean is more important now than ever before. This is especially true if your device is being used by multiple people in the household. One of the easy ways to keep your laptop/ computer clean from the start is ensuring your hands and work area are clean before using your device.

Even if you do keep your hands and area as clean as possible, your device is still going to need routine cleaning for dust, germs, and bacteria that may have built up between your keys and on your screen. Be sure to turn your devices off before cleaning.

For your keyboard: take a toothbrush, dip it in a half water half vinegar mixture, and scrub between the keys to clean and disinfect it.

For your screen: take a microfiber cloth and dip it in plain water and lightly wipe down your screen, taking care not to press too hard on the screen whist cleaning. It is important to use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches on your screen. It is also very important to use plain water and not your water vinegar solution as this may damage your screen.

Be sure that the toothbrush and cloth aren't too wet before applying to your device to avoid unnecessary moisture build-up and damage (especially true for laptops).

2. Light switches:

Light switches are surprising captors of dirt and germs. Depending on your home habits, some light switches are used as often as before and after each entering of the room. As some of these occasions may include times that you are entering a room to wash your hands, it is only natural to assume that your hands are not always at their cleanest when using a light switch.

If there is no visible markings on your light switches, carefully wiping them down with a dry microfiber cloth should be enough to keep the germs at bay. For particularly dirty switches, dip the microfiber cloth in water and wring out thoroughly before wiping down the switches. Use cotton buds to clean corners and crevices.

3. Toilet handles:

People often focus on the bulk of the toilet when cleaning, but it is imperative to not leave out the toilet handle. People rarely wash their hands before flushing the toilet, making it a prime spot for germs and bacteria to collect.

To clean, take your water vinegar mix (or any other disinfectant) and wipe down your handles. Leave any excess disinfectant on the handle for at least 5 minutes to work its magic before wiping down.

Keeping frequently touched points clean in your household is a great way to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, something especially important as we head into winter and concerns over a 3rd wave of COVID-19 linger.

SuperChar and our cleaning practices are well aligned to aid in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. We ensure high standards of hygiene before and during our time in your space. Our staff are well sanitized, temperatures are taken every morning before work, they all wear masks and gloves, and alcohol based hand sanitizer is provided.

Contact us today to discuss how SuperChar can assist you with your cleaning needs.

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