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Tips for keeping your workspace clean

Whether you work in a formal office, or have an area to work from at home, maintaining a clean workspace is a useful aid in keeping productivity flowing. The most important aspect of your workspace cleaning routine should be simplicity, no one wants to spend copious amounts of time cleaning and organising on a regular basis. The whole purpose of keeping your space clean is to contribute to your productivity, not distract you from your work.

So what are some of the small but useful ways to keep your space clean and the work momentum going? Here are 5 useful tips you can try today!

  1. Avoid desk clutter: Whether it involves regularly filing your paperwork or taking your dishes to the kitchen, avoiding desk clutter will both aid in productivity and help to keep your workspace clean.

  2. Clean your electronics: This is especially true of devices that you use often including keyboards, computer screens, and communal devices such as printers. This tip also applies to your appliance cables which can be unexpectedly good at gathering dust.

  3. Make provisions for your rubbish: Ensuring that your rubbish bin is big enough for your needs is a great way to avoid disruptions by needing to empty it often. Having a decent place to throw rubbish away is also very useful in keeping your desk clutter-free.

  4. Wipe your desk down: Avoiding clutter is not enough, a key part of your workspace cleaning routine should be to wipe your desk down with an appropriate cloth and cleaning product. This is an important part of keeping dirt and harmful germs and bacteria at bay.

  5. Digitize: Where possible, avoid the use of paper and related products. This will help to reduce the amount of rubbish you produce whilst working, cutting down on the time and effort needed to keep your rubbish bin clean.

Whilst these cleaning tips are useful, the reality of the situation is that many people simply do not have the time to work and clean their workspace. That is where SuperChar comes in, your cleaning partner for all your workspace needs. Our commercial and residential cleaning capabilities means we are prepared to help you keep your area clean and tidy, whether its a home work area or a formal office space.

Contact us today to discuss how SuperChar can help to keep your space clean whilst your focus on the work at hand.

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