WonderChar Standard Trading Conditions

By making use of our services, you acknowledge and agree to by bound by these Standard Trading Conditions.


If you (the customer) are a legal entity, the person signing these Standard Trading Conditions warrant that he/she has the necessary authority to sign on behalf of the legal entity and to bound it to the terms of the Agreement. 


It is important that you as the customer understand you are reading, as certain clauses contained herein limits our liability. We are required in terms of South African Law, in particular the Consumer Protection Act, to draw certain clauses to your attention and these clauses have accordingly been printed in bold.


If you do not understand any of the clauses hereunder, please make contact with your nearest WonderChar branch and request that the terms be explained to you.  


Any reference in terms to “you/your” is a reference to the customer to whom the services are being rendered, whether that customers is a natural person or legal entity. Any reference to “we, us, our” is a reference to WonderChar (registration number 2021/516665/07) and all of its franchisee branches.



We are in the business of home and office cleaning. You will be required to complete a booking form or call the relevant branch specifying your requirements, after which we will provide you with a written or verbal quotation for the services to be rendered.


Each cleaner booked for a particular day will spend 6.5 hours (which includes a 30min break) cleaning at your premises. We cannot guarantee that your entire house or office will be cleaned during this time period, which is dependent on the size of the premises and the nature and extent of the work which the cleaner is required to do (ironing etc.).


We will arrange for the cleaner’s transportation to and from your premises.


You are responsible to provide access to your home or office for the cleaner and to lock up after the work is done. Our managers can open/lock up on special request, but this may result in an additional travelling charges for collecting the keys and driving to your home or office.


Our services include cleaning and ancillary domestic cleaning tasks, such as window washing and ironing. Our services do not include laundry washing, gardening work and washing vehicles.


Our services are available from Monday to Friday. We do not work on weekends or public holidays unless special arrangements are made keeping in mind the costs would be higher.


You need to have available the necessary cleaning materials and equipment (such as vacuum, mop, bucket, iron etc) for our cleaners to carry out the cleaning service, unless other arrangements have been made with us. We can supply the cleaning materials and equipment at your request, which will result in an additional charge.




Our services are available on a monthly basis or you can book a “once off” clean. Please contact your nearest WonderChar branch for our basic rates, which may vary from time to time.


For a “once off” clean, payment for the services must be made in full prior to the cleaning date in cash or via EFT.


If we are providing you with a regular monthly cleaning service, monthly payments will be accepted on a date to be agreed with you.

Special increased rates may apply in the following circumstances :


  • if you require a cleaner for more than 6.5 hours on any particular day;

  • if you require us to provide special cleaning materials and equipment, especially those required for deep cleaning;

  • for cleaning empty properties following a house move (a minimum of two cleaners are required in these circumstances).


We reserve the right to amend our quotation should your requirements change or your premises require special attention for whatever reason.




You may cancel or change a booking of our services by giving at least 24-hours notice prior to the clean being scheduled.


You will be liable for the full price of the cleaning service if a booking is cancelled or changed less than 24 hours prior to the clean being scheduled.




By entering into an agreement with us on these Standard Trading Terms, you acknowledge the cleaners which we utilised for our services have been properly trained and are employed by us and are therefore not free agents whom can you employ directly without our knowledge or consent.


You hereby agree not to approach, solicit, hire or employ any of our cleaners for your own benefit. If you employ any of our employed cleaners directly, you will be liable for a placement fee of R2500.


For purposes of this clause, a cleaner is regarded as being employed by us for a period of 6 months after he or she has left our employ, during which time you agree not to employ such a cleaner as you will be liable for the placement fee.




You agree that any claims for substandard service, breakage, damage or theft must be reported within 24 hours from the date on which the clean took place. Failure to do so means that you forfeit any claim which you may have against us.

We reserve the right to fully investigate any complaint and you agree to allow as access to your house or office for investigation purposes.




We, including our employees and/or any persons connected directly or indirectly with our business (together referred to as the “indemnified parties”), will not be liable to you or any of your family members, guests or invitees for any claims, theft, losses or damages (including consequential or indirect losses or damages) which may be suffered arising from any cause whatsoever (excluding gross negligence or wilful conduct on the part of the indemnified parties) whilst the cleaning operation is underway at your premises.


Without detracting from any of the clauses above, you irrevocably and unconditionally hereby waive all claims of whatsoever nature (including claims for any legal costs) howsoever arising (excluding claims arising from gross negligence or wilful conduct) against the indemnified parties, which you and/or any of your family members, guests or invitees might have arising out of or in connection with any harm, injury, theft, disease, damage or loss suffered whilst the cleaning operation is underway at your premises or property and whether or not arising from any intentional or negligent act or omission on the part of any indemnified parties.


7.    COVID 19


The world is presently in the midst of a global health crisis known as Covid-19. You hereby acknowledge that you understand that there are inherent risks in utilising any external service provider in the midst of this pandemic. You agree that you utilise our services willingly and of your own volition through no coercion of any third party whatsoever.


These inherent risks cannot always be foreseen nor eliminated and include but are not limited to accidental injury or illness of any kind, or, in extreme cases, permanent trauma, death or disability. You hereby expressly acknowledge and assume the inherent risks identified and those inherent risks not specifically identified.


You further agree that you release us (WonderChar) and any of our franchisees (including all our employees) from any liability whatsoever in relation to Covid-19 and the global pandemic.